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10 beautiful original home photos made of bamboo


Having a genuine home from bamboo is something that comes as a dream for many, what with a very beautiful design – and the fact that living in one is great because you don't need an AC to keep the place cool.

The original home design is also quite versatile. While you will most likely see the Nipa hut with bamboo walls and floors as a home in a rural area.

There are also many in urban areas as Tambayan or maybe a place to sleep with the family during the daytime even in the rich environment of the city.

There are also many urban areas as Tambayan or even a place to sleep with the family during the day even in the city's rich environment.

To make the most of the original design, the idea of bamboo decoration is also used at the entrance, with the planters made of bamboo holding various blooms. It is set on the slatted bamboo walls.

The larger part of the terrace even serves to the dining room where you can hang out with your family while enjoying the food and the view!

Or this place can be perfect to read a book and enjoy the afternoon breeze.

Different bamboo materials are used for the interior of the house, with bamboo is also used for the ceiling so the house will be slightly different from the ordinary Nipa hut where you can see Nipa's roof from inside.

In addition to the humble planters made from strategically cut bamboo, you can also use bamboo to create other designs for decorating.

For good results, it would be a good idea to have bamboo materials treated against termites and other insects.

In addition, varnish or other varnish material can help preserve the beauty of your home while also making water resistant bamboo material for long ages. Be sure to paint at least once a year.