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RPM-150S 4EN PDH - 4E1+100M PDH Multiplexer (4×100M)


RPM-150S 4EN PDH - 4E1+100M PDH Multiplexer (4×100M)
RPM-150S 4EN PDH is the point to point fiber transmitted device based on the SLSI, it used the compact veneer form ,and can realize 4E1 electro-circuit, one 100M Ethernet data channel Multiplexer and fiber transfers.4E1+100M PDH the function of alarm is consummate ,the integrated rate is high, the power consumption is low, the capability is steady and easy to use.
Technology Characteristics
-> The device have 4 Ethernet port ,it can setup whether isolation or not isolate for every Ethernet through on-off setting.
-> Fiber circuitry speed is 150Mbps.
-> E1 port code is HDB3,E1 dithering ,transfer speciality, export dithering according to ITU-T G.703、G823 and G.742
-> Ethernet port ,supports auto-negotiation for 10M/100M and half/full duplex working mode.
-> Self-contained alarm function ,can inspect the real time estate of terminal device.
-> As the far-ending device ,can be combined to star-net with rack devices
-> Supplies RS232 network manage port.
-> Supplies one customer RS232 data channel.
-> Single board design, 1U, and 19 Inch standard.
Interface Parameters
Optical interface:
-> Transmit Mode : Single/ Multi-mode
-> Module : Single/Double Fiber
-> Interface : FC/SC/ST
-> Wavelength : 850nm/1310nm/1550nm
-> Distance : 2Km/40Km/60Km/120Km
E1 interface:
-> Bit rate : 2.048Mb/s , ±50ppm
-> Impedance: unbalanced 75Ωand balanced 120Ω
-> HDB3 coding: compliant with ITU-T G.703
-> Jitter: complies with ITU-T G.823 and G.742. Seeing appendix
Ethernet interface:
-> Minimum frame length: 64 bytes
-> Maximum frame length: 1536 bytes
-> MAC address aging time: 5 minutes
General characteristics
-> Input power voltage: Permit -36V ~ -72V (DC) when -48V
                                     Permit ~165V ~ ~264V when AC220V
-> Power Consumption : < 5W
-> Environment Temperature : 0℃-50℃
-> Size : 483×160×44mm
-> Net Weight : 2Kg
Typical Application Diagram
RPM-150S 4EN PDH - 4E1+100M PDH Multiplexer (4×100M)
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