ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect ADX100

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ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect ADX100


ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect ADX100

The ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect provides an innovative solution for interconnecting systems in telecommunications and exchange buildings, reducing space by 50 to 80 percent, increasing flexibility and bringing down overall capital (CAPEX) and operational expenditure (OPEX).

The ADX combines, in one package, a very compact SDH add/drop multiplexer (ADM), up to 64 accessible E1 ports, optional STM-1 aggregation ports, E1 cross-connect and a Digital Distribution Frame (DDF). It complies with SDH standards and supports operations and administration features required for successful integration into an existing transport network.

• Non-intrusive automated test access on DDF
• DDF traffic restoration in case of network failures
• E1/DS1 traffic concentration over STM-1. 63 E1/DS1 ports can be aggregated on a single fibre optic or single electrical link
• Two STM-1 hot-pluggable optical or electronic SFP (small-form-factor pluggable) interfaces

Application and Benefits: 
• Ideal for limited space applications in remote sites 
- Wireless base station or wireless concentrator sites
- E1 to the curb or E1 to the building
• Saves installation cost
 - Eliminates extensive E1 copper cabling between DDF and ADM/DCS, saves installation time and reduces cabling errors
- Pre-configured system
- Easy service turn-up
- No need for additional, highly trained staff
• Increases quality of service (QoS)
- Possibility of monitoring access for all relevant test parameters
• Offers space and cost saving expansion of installed SDH systems
- Conventional ADM/DCS over a limited number of E1/DS1 ports
- The ADX provides additional E1/DS ports to an ADM/DCS via the STM-1 interface

ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect ADX100
Physical Design 
       Modular design includes:
  • STM-1 module 
  • A mechanical frame that supports up to eight interfaces cards 
  • Hot-pluggable interface cards, with eight E1 interfaces each. Interface card for unshielded twisted pair using LSA-PLUS® connection technology 
  • Up to two STM-1 interfaces (optical or electrical) using small-form-factor pluggable (SFP) interface
ADX Active Digital Cross-Connect ADX100

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